What Does Ruby Bucket Mean?

Last week the Ruby Bucket Facebook page and website was launched. Hopefully you like our logo and think we have a cute name. I’m sure some of you have wondered what does Ruby Bucket mean? What is it all about? Let me tell you.

My dear friend Stephanie and I have wanted to hold a scrapbook and craft retreat for a long time. Stephanie and I started thinking about what we wanted in a name and what we wanted it to mean. We honestly wrote list after list of words, grouping them together, moving them around, looking up definitions…..we decided on words that we liked and crossed off words that didn’t move us. For several weeks, day after day, we would go over these lists. This process led us to discuss and ponder about what we wanted our retreat to be. What we wanted YOU, as our friend, to receive when you came to be with us.

So first of all, these are some of the words we loved.

love, happy, inspire, hope, faith, peace, joy, family, sisterhood, together, heart, antique, lace, create, and unity

I think from these words that you can get a sense of what we want this retreat to be. We want more than just paper, adhesive and washi tape. We want more than sewing machines, irons and fabric. We want more than all of this. We want to give you an amazing experience that comes from our heart. We want more than fabulous prizes, amazing classes, and delicious treats. We want unity, friendship, and caring. We want laughter, hugs, and even a few tears. We want for you, who may be coming to this event worn out and weary, to be lifted up and accepted. We want for you to take a few moments to create amazing, beautiful masterpieces with your hands. We want you to go with friends out to eat and to laugh and have FUN! We want for you take crazy pictures together at our photo booth that will still bring a giggle years from now. We want for you to replace that weariness and tiredness with laughter and joy. We want you to fill your buckets with rubies. Rubies that are priceless like friendship, caring and joy. This is how Ruby Bucket Retreat was born.

There seems to be so many heavy and dark events that invade our world today. We see it on the news and in our towns. Everywhere we turn. There is a constant busyness that wears on our nerves sending messages to us such as you will never have enough time, enough money, enough energy. Pounding into you that YOU are not enough. It is draining. As women we strive to create places of happiness and joy for our families. We give our time caring for and loving those around us. Often we are frustrated and worn. Yet day after day we rise and we TRY again to give the world our best. You need a retreat. You need to be recharged by doing the things you love with women that you love. You need to let us care for you for a few minutes…..

We want you to walk into our retreat and feel happy. We want your eyes to take it all in, and to smell that Fall is here. We want you to reach out and touch a few of the wrapped sparkly presents. We want you to taste the delicious snacks and hear a faint hum of a sewing machine and snatches of conversations and laughter. Can you imagine it all? All of this is for you. You are a RUBY to us. We know how much you are juggling. Come and be a treasured ruby at our first Ruby Bucket Retreat.