Stand Tall, Darling

I have vivid memories as a little girl walking with my dad and older brothers on our farm. It was a continual struggle as a tiny girl to keep up with my dad’s giant steps. I remember trying to take huge steps to keep up, but as you all can guess, I could barely keep up with his pace. I discovered after a while that the easiest way for me to keep up and not be left behind was to walk faster than I normally would. I learned that if I took three or four steps to his one, that I could keep up. It made me feel big and tall that I could follow in his footsteps. It made me feel pretty darn proud that I could keep up with Dad and all my older brothers.

I think that we learn and adapt as needed to survive in life. It really is amazing if you think about it. We often finds ways to keep up, not changing others but by figuring out how WE can change for the needed situation. This is so smart. I think it is a natural part of life and sometimes we don’t even realize that we do this until we reflect on our life. We find ways to grow and thrive and stand a little taller.

I knew long ago that I wanted to do a retreat with HIGH HEELS—It just had to be done. As Stephanie and I were deciding on our theme, we wanted something that was inspirational to go along with our shoe theme. We discussed many ideas. We knew right away when we came upon it that this was our theme! It just spoke to our souls.

Our theme for Fall Retreat 2021 is STAND TALL, DARLING.

We love this theme so much! It takes me back to those memories as a little girl of trying to keep up and follow in my dad’s footsteps. It takes me back to being a little girl and wearing my mom and sister’s shoes so I could stand a little taller.

This brings me to a question for you all of you to think about—why do girls of all ages, LOVE shoes? I actually have thought about this a lot. What is it within us as girls that makes us adore shoes?

I remember my oldest daughter Emily as a tiny child and how she loved to get into my closet to play with my shoes. No matter what I did, I could not keep her away from my shoes. You have all seen the little girl in the grocery store wearing a princess costume or bright pink cowboy boots with shorts. I love when I see a little girl dressed up—it just makes her so happy.

There is something within us as women that draws our souls to shoes. As we get older it may become purses, fabric, paper, dishes, jewelry, clothes, make up, flowers and plants. There are so many things as women that we just LOVE—we cannot explain it. For me, I LOVE quilts and fabric. Every year at the fair we walk through the quilting barn to see the beautiful quilts and needle work. Usually when my family is eating or resting I sneak back by myself to walk slowly through the quilt barn and just be with the quilts. It is something that just speaks to my soul—that is just part of me. I come from a long line of quilters—its in my bloodline and heritage.

I think another part of why we love things like this is because they are things of beauty. I remember feeling beautiful as a little girl with a new dress, pretty shoes and long curled hair. We like these things around us because they are beautiful. We like to dress up to feel feminine and beautiful and to stand a little taller.

I think of all of you that have attended past retreats and how you stand tall in all that you do. How you face the world each day, many times with heavy burdens and challenges, but you get up each day and stand tall. I think of all that you give to your husbands and families day after day. As women you also work hard to create places of beauty and love to call home. It’s important as women to spread that beauty to those that we love. I think of how you stand tall in your careers—doing your best and working long hours. I think of all that you give to your communities. It is amazing how you stand tall and give your best. I think of all the work you do each day as you stand tall and I am inspired to be better. I think of all the beauty you offer the world through standing tall. It makes me so grateful to know such beautiful souls.

It’s time to get ready for Fall Retreat. We hope that you will join with us for a few days of sharing, laughing, crafting, shopping, eating, talking and becoming great friends. You have given so much to all around you. It’s now time for YOU to fill your bucket. Let us spoil you for a few days. Come, grab your high heels, and stand tall with us at Ruby Bucket Retreat.