Spring Fever

I am not 100% sure what it is about Spring that makes us long and yearn for warm beautiful weather. We get a short taste of mild temperatures and immediately want summer. Being from Idaho, we know that it is not quite within our reach but we want it all……the warm weather, chirping birds,  and sunshine on our smiling faces. We so want Spring……we so NEED Spring. This week I have been working on a project for retreat that reminds me of soft spring flowers. It made me think about Spring and why we yearn for it.

As a child growing up on a farm, Spring was such an amazing place. A farm holds so many wonders. I remember early one morning, before we left for school, Dad brought in a small bucket. He lowered it to the floor so we could all see the treasure the bucket held. Inside were the tiniest yellow fuzzy baby geese that I had ever seen. Dad let us gently, one by one, reach in and feel the soft down of those darling goslings. There was such pure magic in that old bucket. I have often wondered through the years how long it took my Dad to gather those tiny babies to bring in for us to see. He wanted to share the wonder and the magic.

We all long for beautiful, warm seasons in our lives. We long for those short fleeting days of Spring. We long for connections with dear friends. We long for beauty and treasures in a bucket. This is what our Ruby Bucket Retreat is all about. Our Retreat is a warm beautiful Spring Day. It’s two days filled with laughter and connecting with dear friends. It’s beautiful decorations, gifts, delicious food, and prizes. Most of all, it all for you. Ruby Bucket Retreat is here to fill your empty bucket. That is the treasure we hold. Our goal and purpose to to capture and share the wonder and magic. Join us. Invite your dear friends and family. Ruby Bucket Retreat is pure magic captured in a bucket.