My 10 Favorite Things About Ruby Bucket Retreat

It has already been a couple of weeks since we had a fabulous time at Ruby Bucket Retreat. I loved every moment of it. Here are my favorite things…….

 1. The Theme

I loved the theme of the retreat—Live your Dream. It set a special feeling at the retreat.

2. The Prizes

Prizes– it was so fun to watch everyone pick a prize. We had so many great gifts to choose from.

3. The Craft Boutique

I think we all loved the Craft Boutique. It had a lot of lovely handmade items that we all loved. 

4. The Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop—need I say more? Not only did it look darling with the apothecary jars but it was delicious too!

5. The Welcome Gifts

I loved the welcome gifts. It was so fun to welcome each of you with a special gift. I adore the Ruby Bucket Bracelet!

6. The Craft Classes

The craft classes were amazing—scrapbooking, wood crafts, photography, leather jewelry and cards. There was such a fun variety to choose from and great teachers.

7. The Cocoa Bar

One of my favorite things was the cocoa bar and pajama party. It was just fun to relax and enjoy creamy warm cocoa together. LOVE!!

8. The Little Things

All the little things…..the quote boards where the feathers were hung, the sweet treat each day, the fun awards, all the detailed decorations. All of these little things made it special.

9. The Dream Catcher

The beautiful giant lace doily dream catcher was so breathtaking. It set the whole tone of the conference.

10. The Company

YOU…..all of the Ruby Bucket Babes. You were so fun and happy. You laughed and enjoyed every moment. You caught our vision.