Meet Cindy, the Lady Who Started it All

It’s hard to describe someone who has made a huge impact on so many of us and do it justice. I wish every single one of you could meet this incredible woman.  In a previous blog post, I wrote a little bit about Cindy Nalder. I like to think of her as the lady who started it all. Here are some more details about her creative journey.

Cindy Nalder started scrapbooking in her teens (over 50 years ago) before it became a fad.  She enjoys many different arts and crafts.  Her favorites are: scrapbooking, paper arts, crafts, china painting, wheat weaving, sewing, crocheting,  knitting, jewelry making, tole painting, cake decorating,  and the list goes on.

She opened her scrapbook shop February 1997 in Malad, Idaho. Five moves and years later, she still enjoys when someone catches the vision of the importance and fun of scrapbooking.

Cindy started hosting retreats in 1999 when a customer came into her shop and asked if she would consider doing one. The first few were held in Lava Hot Springs at the Greystone Manor.  Here is an awesome blast from the past…photos from one of her very first retreats on this cute layout!

A couple of years later, Cindy started hosting retreats in Pocatello and word traveled. People came from all over (and as far away as California) to attend. For years, Cindy not only organized every retreat, but taught numerous classes.  She was always so enthusiastic about new products she discovered and techniques she learned and still loves sharing those with others.

Cindy instilled a deep love for scrapbooking and crafting in so many of us. Her vision brought us together…allowing us to rejuvenate, bond with fellow crafters, and laugh until our sides hurt. Cindy is an amazing lady with a heart of gold. We love her and are so grateful for the years and years of joy she has brought to our lives!