Live Your Dream

Once upon a time there were two little country girls who had big dreams. In fact, they had dreams that they didn’t even know existed. Dreams that were somehow part of who they were becoming. As they grew and became remarkable many of their dreams came true; charming husbands, beautiful babies, and wonderful friends. Somewhere along this path they discovered a creative side that was unique to each of them. They were given talents of making beautiful treasures with their hands and their hearts. Slowly, they discovered how important these talents were in who they were and who they were becoming. Along the way their separate paths crossed again and these lovely girls became dear friends. Though their talents were so different, their dreams and their hearts were very much the same—for they were two little country girls following their dreams.

This is a tiny lovely story of Ruby Bucket and how it came to be.

As Stephanie and I started talking and planning our beloved retreat we knew that we wanted to have a theme for each conference. Somehow we knew that our first theme must be about dreams. Dreams are amazing and inspiring. We settled on Live your Dream. I don’t know if we honestly realized how this theme was self-fulfilling. By holding this retreat, Ruby Bucket is living its dream. Seriously, to me it is so profound.

I’ve thought about dreams a lot. What does it mean to even have a dream and how do you fulfill your dreams? I have questioned whether dreams change and whether that is good or bad. Do we settle for something else or what we have just because our dreams seem to be unattainable?

Beloved first lady Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” This is so powerful and so true. I love the part that says “believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Dreams are so beautiful! They are kind of elusive like a butterfly. Sometimes you think you have caught your dream only to have it flutter away, causing you to reach higher and higher and to even figure out what you are chasing. You chase it until you finally catch it! So much happiness!

I love this quote from Edgar Allen Poe.” It is a happiness to wonder; it is a happiness to dream.” Wow! It is happiness to dream and I would add that it is happiness to achieve a dream. The thing I LOVE the most about dreams is that when we finally catch them after intense work and sometimes many years and sacrifice that the happiness you feel is even more than you imagined. I know in my life finding the love of my life and getting married has been so much MORE that I even imagined. That love and having someone know your soul is so much MORE than I dreamed of—and I love that! Also, another dream was to be a mother. This dream has been so much bigger than I imagined…so much more in every way; more work, more hours, more diapers, more love, more hugs, more laughter, more joy—so much MORE! Really to achieve your dream, to accomplish a goal, to obtain the impossible is so much more amazing than words can express. Think back in your life……. do you remember these feelings of JOY? Think about right now. Are you LIVING your dream?

Do you feel that intense happiness daily in your life? Are you still chasing that butterfly or have you given up? Its hard and this journey can be so long. I have loved this quote for so long. “‘It’s impossible,’ said Pride. ‘It’s risky,’ said Experience. ‘Its pointless,’ said Reason. ‘Give it a try.’ whispered the HEART.”

I encourage you to give it a try. As Stephanie and I have spent the last six months planning this retreat it has been quite the journey. But is has been FUN and wonderful and so exciting. And somehow we cannot stop thinking about Ruby Bucket. We can’t stop dreaming of all it can be. When was the last time you listened to your HEART saying “Give it a try?” Remember that little girls with dreams become women with vision. Go and live your dream.