Life is Beautiful

We live in a crazy, busy world. Each day is filled from morning to night with activities. We live each day going from one activity to the next. Sometimes we are able to step back for a minute and reflect on our lives. In a recent reflection the thought came to my tired, worn out mind……life is beautiful. Even though life can be draining and exhausting, there are moments that are amazing and beautiful.

Our theme for this fall retreat is “Life is Beautiful. Enjoy the Ride.”

I have always been so amazed that even in our most trying, pain-filled times that if we look… if we search, we can find beauty. It is all around us. I think back on being a busy, tired young mom. I remember that sleep was a memory from the past. Yet each day I saw tiny toes, sticky fingers, and sparkling eyes. I heard delightful giggles and soft calls for Ma Ma. The memories are so vivid and beautiful that a huge lump forms in my throat. These memories became even more cherished as I became a Grandma this past January.  All the joy of being a Mom is tripled when you see your daughter holding her newborn in her arms. It’s just a beautiful thing.

Sometimes life is filled with pain and sorrow. Often through tough trials, we only have the strength to deal with that moment. We go through the days acting like we are living, yet we are empty inside. We feel hollow, sad, and worn out. Once in a while, through these times, we may see glimpses of the beauty in life. This past May my mother passed away. It is always difficult to lose someone you love so much. As my nine brothers and sisters gathered for the funeral, we were able to reflect on this amazing woman and the life she lived. Looking around at the funeral, at her family, at her 48 grandchildren, at her dear friends, I saw beauty. To be so loved and treasured is just amazing. Even in some of our darkest moments we can glimpse beauty.

I think the tricky part in life is learning and allowing yourself to enjoy the ride. I think it took me many years to realize that life would never be perfect but could still be full of perfect moments, As I let go of all of the misconceptions of life, I was able to enjoy the ride. I was able to leave the dishes to go for a family drive where we laughed and were together. I have been able to learn to appreciate that dirty little faces are a beautiful part of life. I learned to recognize the sticky little kisses were even more sweet.

Yes!! This is what life is about…..enjoying the journey with all the problems and imperfections.

We are thrilled that you are joining us in a week for Ruby Bucket Retreat. It is going to be an amazing weekend. Our hope is that you will have two beautiful days spent with dear friends. We hope that you will enjoy each moment filled with activities, crafts, treats, gifts, visiting and laughing. We hope that if you come with heavy exhausted hearts, that you will leave with a renewed, sunshine-filled bucket. Remember…Life is beautiful. Enjoy the ride!