I Am Enough

I am enough.

These three simple words—I am enough—are pretty powerful. As I type them out, I want you to whisper them to yourself…”I am enough.” Now say it out loud…”I am enough.”

Everyday I fight a battle from within that tells me I am NOT. Not pretty, not nice, not a good wife, not a good mom, not a good friend, not a good neighbor, not good at my job, not smart, not clean, not fashionable, not thin, NOT enough. These feelings and lies are exhausting.

Everyday I see my strengths…making others smile, giving a needed hug, saying encouraging words, and laughing together. Sometimes I do amazing things with my hands…comb tangled hair, pack healthy lunches, wipe down dirty counters, fold soft warm clothes, carry shoes and clutter to their places, drive kids to activities, pay bills, organize the week.  These are things my hands do everyday and it’s really pretty remarkable. Yet day by day I only see what I feel I lack.

A couple of years ago I purchased a Halloween costume for my daughter, Anna, for her birthday. Anna was turning nine and the costume was a Super Girl costume that I put with leggings for her to wear as a normal outfit. Anna loved this outfit and told me that her teachers LOVED when she wore it. It made me stop and think…what an amazing message for Anna. She IS Super Girl. She doesn’t need a costume because she is enough just the way she is. She is Super Girl everyday.


So we each need to put on our invisible costume and cloak. We need to look in the mirror each morning and see the beautiful girls that we are. We are amazing women. We are enough. Whisper it…”I am enough.” Now say it loudly…”I am enough.”

And you are. You always have been and you always will be.