Here we are just 13 days from our second Ruby Bucket Retreat! Stephanie and I have spent a lot of time coming up with a theme. The theme is really important to us because it sets the tone for the whole conference. We decided that our theme will be FLY. It ties in with our last theme—Live your dream.

FLY…it’s an amazing word. What picture comes into your mind? An eagle soaring through the air? Or a butterfly softly flying, flitting through the air? Do you picture a powerful strong jet roaring through the air….or a hot air balloon slowly climbing over the land? It is a simple word that holds so much expectation. FLY…… soar, climb, rise above, it requires our best performance and effort.

I took my first flight in an airplane when I was 36 years old. It was an amazing and powerful experience. I could not tear my eyes away from the window. Seeing the beautiful Earth so high up, all the clouds and the huge mountains made it a moving experience.

In a world that often sends out negative messages and conflict, I feel as women that we try to stay above all the chaos of life. We try to focus on the things that matter most to us. Most of us juggle many things…, work, activities, and home to name a few. I feel that often times we feel like we cannot do it all. We often feel that we cannot be enough. We strive to stay above the chaos but are often caught in the mess. We long to soar above the mountains and feel peace. We offer so much that at times we are worn and frazzled. Does this sound familiar?

This is where Ruby Bucket Retreat comes to the rescue. This two day weekend focuses on YOU. Come with your dear friends and create, laugh, and feel happy. Walk in to beautiful decorations and a welcome gift. Sit with dear friends or get to know amazing ladies who you will come to love. Enjoy creating and crafting….when was the last time you had time to create something beautiful? Take a break to visit our darling boutique, have a yummy treat, or do our amazing make n take. Go to a relaxing lunch with your besties and come back to take a great class. Amazing……right? Then break out your pjs and enjoy our hot cocoa bar and lots of laughs. Did I mention that we are FUN??  Don’t forget the fabulous prizes too that are waiting just for you! Come, spend time with us. Fill your bucket. Make new friends and memories. Ruby Bucket Retreat will help you return home feeling like you can soar and FLY.