Esther and Stephanie’s Most Excellent Adventure

Esther and I grew up in the same town and knew each other from the time we were young. We only had one high school class together, which was unusual for a school as small as ours. We did find one thing we had in common back then…we were both in the National Honor Society.  Here’s proof…check out that great 80’s style!!

When Esther unearthed this fantastic yearbook photo, she commented about the lack of volume in my hair and wondered if I was out of hairspray that day.  I must have been, but it looks like I was sporting a brand new perm!

The thing I remember most about Esther in high school was her long, beautiful hair. She always seemed quiet and reserved, but don’t let that innocent smile fool you. Esther is often the life of the party and keeps everyone laughing. She could quit her day job and become a comedian.  Seriously…she’s that funny!

When I asked Esther what she remembered about me in high school she said, “I remember that Stephanie was very sweet and fun. She had such a great laugh! I have since discovered that she can be a bit sassy and is an amazing friend. I still love to hear her laugh.”

Since Esther loves to make people laugh and I’m always the one laughing, it makes sense that we get along so well.

A few years ago Esther and I reconnected at a scrapbooking retreat we were both teaching at. The rest is history. When Cindy Nalder announced she was retiring from the retreat business, Esther and I jumped at the chance to pick up where Cindy left off. With Esther’s gift for creative touches and my mad accounting skills, we are a match made in heaven.