Enjoy the Little Things: Clean Toilets, Fresh Air, and Retreat

You can tell a lot about gas station, restaurant or hotel by it’s public restroom. It doesn’t have to be fancy or elegant but clean and tidy speak volumes to a patron. It affirms that the rest of the building is clean and organized. It says that this business values what YOU think even though using the rest room is often a free service to the public. It is actually these little things in life that mean so much.

Recently Stephanie and I went to the Hampton Inn to plan our retreat. We took a break to the rest room and were super impressed at what a lovely facility it was. I know this sounds kind of silly but let me explain. So this is the rest room that is used for the Hampton Inn’s conventions. First of all they were so CLEAN…..seriously spotless. I don’t know about you, but this mom appreciates a clean bathroom. In fact, sometimes I DREAM of a clean, spotless, beautiful bathroom without hair products all over the counter, sticky tooth paste, and clothes and towels everywhere. This is a place of true beauty!

Next, when was the last time you actually saw a beautiful floral arrangement in a restroom? Here’s the  proof…..it was at this exact moment that we saw this arrangement that we knew that this was no ordinary bathroom and no ordinary hotel. ( I am weeping right now!) These little details mean that the Hampton Inn values you and me enough to provide not only cleanliness but something beautiful also.

The bathroom smelled really good too…..a nice fresh spell that shouts out cleanliness and a way to say I LOVE you!! After two decades of changing diapers I feel blessed to have freshness! It’s a beautiful thing! (Weeping again!!)

We loved that the bathroom is right outside of our main retreat room!! Location, location location………YES!!! Nothing truly says I love you like a close proximity to a bathroom to a woman! Ha ha ha! Outside the  bathroom door is a  hand sanitizer……LOVE!!!  Also a lovely shiny drinking fountain is right across from the restroom. It is a dream come true. (Tears of joy are streaming down my face!)

Now I must add……we were all alone in this area of the hotel and we did NOT enter the men’s room to see if they had a  lovely floral arrangement! (Ha ha ha!!) I was tempted….. that’s why I have Stephanie with me. She keeps me in line! So unfortunately we do not know if the men’s room has any  special decorations. Maybe it has a sports trophy in there or a March Madness white board in there!! I am not sure…..but I am sure it is amazing! (Note to self: bring husband next time to give us the details! Ha ha ha).

I know this is silly but the little things do mean so much. As women we are aware of these little things. Women often provide and make these little details a reality to those we love daily. This is part of who we are. This is part of being a woman.

This message was inspired by a clean bathroom. Doesn’t that make you smile? Ruby Bucket is all about appreciating the little things in life. Take time to enjoy the little things in life. It makes ALL the difference. ( Enjoy these selfies…..oh my!!! Ha ha ha!  #selfiechallenged )