Why I Love Scrapbooking

This isn’t just my story to tell. It’s about my mom and my sister and a special lady named Cindy (who you will get a chance to “meet” in a later post). It’s about dear friends I have met on this creative adventure.  And it might be your story too. I have always loved memory keeping.  When my sister and I were little, we kept our own scrapbooks full of little girl’s treasures. We would paste in cards and letters we had received, pictures we had drawn, report cards, and 4-H ribbons earned at the fair. We saved program copies from elementary school performances. We loved to play “school” and took turns being the teacher.  We saved many of the written papers and art projects we “assigned” to ourselves. Nothing was

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What Does Ruby Bucket Mean?

Last week the Ruby Bucket Facebook page and website was launched. Hopefully you like our logo and think we have a cute name. I’m sure some of you have wondered what does Ruby Bucket mean? What is it all about? Let me tell you. My dear friend Stephanie and I have wanted to hold a scrapbook and craft retreat for a long time. Stephanie and I started thinking about what we wanted in a name and what we wanted it to mean. We honestly wrote list after list of words, grouping them together, moving them around, looking up definitions…..we decided on words that we liked and crossed off words that didn’t move us. For several weeks, day after day, we

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Esther and Stephanie’s Most Excellent Adventure

Esther and I grew up in the same town and knew each other from the time we were young. We only had one high school class together, which was unusual for a school as small as ours. We did find one thing we had in common back then…we were both in the National Honor Society.  Here’s proof…check out that great 80’s style!! When Esther unearthed this fantastic yearbook photo, she commented about the lack of volume in my hair and wondered if I was out of hairspray that day.  I must have been, but it looks like I was sporting a brand new perm! The thing I remember most about Esther in high school was her long, beautiful hair. She

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