Bee-Dazzelous Beauty Parade

Hello Ruby Bucket Beauties!

We are so excited for Retreat, which is less than two weeks away. One of the fun highlights is our get-together on Friday night. We usually have a yummy cocoa bar and then some kind of fun fashion show. 

The first year at retreat, everyone modeled cute pajamas. For our tea party retreat, everyone modeled stunning tea hats. And of course, we modeled shoes at our last retreat for our theme “Stand Tall, Darling.” Its a great time to relax, be fun and silly, and get to know everyone. We always give hilarious award to make it extra special. It’s a night to remember. (ha! ha!)

This year our theme is “Always Be Yourself.” As I pondered what our fashion show could be, I knew that I wanted everyone to model something that shows who YOU are. So this year, we will be hosting the…

Bee-Dazzelous Beauty Parade

Doesn’t that sound amazing?! Let your imagination go wild!

This opens up a variety of options. Maybe you will model your favorite dressy jacket. It could be an awesome hat, stunning shoes, amazing pjs, gorgeous bell bottoms, colorful jumper, shiny blouse, or a glorious wig. A vital key to this fashion show is to be “Bee-Dazzelous!” So we want you to bling up your outfit. Make it shine…and we mean SHINE BRIGHT!! Add a few extra jewels and glitter. Tinfoil could add a stunning element to your style.

We want BLING BABY! 

We know you can do this, so start thinking of the perfect fun way to be you! 

We love you all and are so happy and excited to be “Bee-Dazzelous” together at Ruby Bucket Retreat!